Friday, June 1, 2012

Free Plants: Part One

We *try* to grow everything we can get our hands on. I'm going to write about our experiments over a series of posts, with each post focusing on a different method of propagation. First up, succulents!

Anytime I see a succulent display, I scour the shelves and ground for fallen leaves and scoop up anything that looks interesting. These little leaves would otherwise be swept up and dumped, so I have no qualms about taking them home and giving them a chance to become full-fledged plants.

Succulents are easy to propagate:

1. They need to dry for a couple of days until they form a callus at the cutting. I leave mine in a bowl near a window.

Collected cuttings.
 2. After the end's dried out, I prop the leaf or stem upright in a sandy soil. Right now, I use native soil from my yard. Succulent rearing is about the only thing this soil is good for on its own.

3. Water regularly, especially as the plant establishes roots. Make sure that the drainage is excellent, as they don't like soggy soil.

Starting to root.
4. Once the plant is established, you can water less frequently.

5. Continue to take cuttings from the established plant and you have your own infinite source of free succulents. Succulents make terrific gifts!

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