Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free Furniture!

We relocated to Albuquerque with a carload each and a firm commitment to not plowing through our savings. We hauled kitchen equipment, clothes, spices, seeds, and critters. Everything else was scrounged or bargain hunted. Check out some of our finds:
Cat couch. We were driving through the neighborhood just as the previous owner was placing it on the curb. He also gave us a working printer, which we're using to print shipping labels for Ebay.

We found this fan on the curb while walking Margaux two nights ago. There's nothing wrong with it.

The TV's an alley find for Vadim's video game console. The flower's are Mother's Day leftovers.

Driving home from a dinner party, we spotted this hutch. With a coat of $1 oops paint from Lowe's, it's like new and serves as a perfect coffee station. We found the coffee maker for $5 from Goodwill. It retails new for $80.

The bed was a desperate situation for a bit. Initially, we were camping out on Vadim's crash pad. Soon after, we dumpster dived a very questionable mattress from the 70s, which took a half gallon of vinegar and a lot of elbow grease to make somewhat sanitary. A week later, we found a futon in someone's front yard. They didn't want it and we were more than happy to haul it away. The sketchy mattress serves as additional support beneath the futon's padding. Vadim, by the way, is compulsively researching knives in the background. Jordan chose an Opinel :)

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